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Saturday, August 28, 2010


There are so many wonderful ways to keep your little one with you at all times. It can be beyond helpful when you are trying to get things done around the house, soothe your little one or chase an older one around the playground.

One such method is what I call the traditional sling. These are usually referred to as a pouch sling. This is the method I used the most before my little one became Miss Independent. One nice thing about the sling is it grows with your child. When you have a newborn they can lay down in the sling and be all cozy. As they grow you can move your child into an upright position and eventually carry them on your hip. I would highly recommend an adjustable sling. Reason being as you go through the postpartum stages, your body will change and need a different size sling. Hotslings does make an adjustable one which I really like. There are also ring slings that are adjustable. Such examples are Zolowear and Maya Wrap.

There are also wraps. Before I dive into this section I must confuse I don't have much knowledge about them. Most wraps use your whole upper body to carry the weight of the baby. This is easier on your back and shoulders. Also, the baby is held extremely close to your body, which helps comfort a fussy one. Examples of these are Moby Wrap and K'Tan.

Lastly I will discuss baby carriers. From experience this are very helpful if you and your family are outdoor lovers or if you have older children you might need to chase around the playground. There are many different types of carriers and they are come in all different prices. If you plan on taking long hikes with your little one, you might want to look into Sport ErgoBaby or even Kelty. You are going to want a carrier with a lower strap that goes around your waist, plus comfortable shoulder straps. If you are looking for something for the playground there is everything from Baby Bjorn, which I personally think is overprices, to Snugli. Some other ones to check out are Mei Tai and the original ErgoBaby.

Personally, start with a sling. If you really think you are going to use it then look into a carrier. Keep in mind that you also have a stroller to tote your little one around in and once they learn to walk, forget about keeping them under wraps.

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